Plumme Baby Subscription Box

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The ‘pregnancy panic’ is real, huh? You can spend hours researching online or wandering the aisles of baby stores, only to leave feeling more confused than when you started.

Wouldn't it be great if someone packaged up the best and most necessary items and delivered them straight to your doorstep?

Save time & discover new products you’ll love… without leaving the house!

Say hello to your Plumme Baby Subscription Box - it does all the hard work for you (except the birth of course, you're on your own there mama, but we believe in you!) by curating the best age-specific products you’ll need for the 3 months ahead. 

You’ll get 4x boxes throughout the year, designed to grow with your little one from birth to their first birthday. It’s completely customized to your due date, too - not a set shipping schedule. 

How it works:

  • Choose your Subscription Box membership
  • Box #1 arrives on your doorstep (beautifully packaged) to welcome your new arrival just before your due date
  • Box #2 arrives when baby is almost 3 months old
  • Box #3 arrives when baby is almost 6 months old
  • Box #4 arrives when baby is almost 9 months old

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4-Box Subscription

$480 ($120 every 3 months)

Pay as you go - $120 per box
You account will be automatically debited
Free cancellation up to 30 days before your next box shipment

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4-Box Prepay

$408 (Save 15%)

Buy all 4x boxes upfront
Save 15% off the full price (just $408)
10% off our online boutique products for 1 year 
Free gift with purchase 
No cancellations

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A sneak peek inside your Plumme Baby Subscription Box...

Box #1: Snooze

(0-3 months)

Newborns are beautiful little creatures. They’re also super sleepy - they don’t do much except sleep and drink for the first 3 months! This box has everything your newborn needs to feel safe, warm, and comfortable while experiencing life for the first time. 

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Box #2: Feeding

(3-6 months)

It’s time for your baby to try their first solids! From puree feeders to silicone bowls, this box will help make feeding time simple and fun. Think safe, quality products that have all received the ‘mom tick of approval.'

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Box #3: Bubbles

(6-9 months)

Well past the newborn stage, your baby is more alert than ever. They’ll be sitting up, splashing about in the tub, and causing all sorts of cute chaos. This box is your bathroom BFF, full of skin-loving lotions, towels and toys.

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Box #4: Discovery

(9-12 months)

Now the fun really begins! As they approach their first birthday, your baby might be crawling or even walking. This box will help them enjoy the sensory experiences that come with playing and learning.

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