ÉNAMOUR Liniment Oléo-Calcaire
ÉNAMOUR Liniment Oléo-Calcaire


Liniment Oléo-Calcaire


Meet your diaper bag’s best friend — a multi-use cream that heals and moisturizes mom and baby, wherever you go.

Liniment is traditionally used to clean, soothe and moisturize during diaper changes. Inspired by an ancestral recipe from the South of France, our liniment is a sensual combination of oils, limestone water and calming calendula.

Baby: Énamour liniment is a sweet-smelling alternative to off-the-shelf baby lotion. It neutralizes the acidic PH of urine, and leaves a light oily film that continues to protect your baby’s bottom from the damaging effects of urine. It’s also a very effective treatment for cradle cap.

Mom: Remove makeup and cool your skin after sun exposure. Its soothing properties make it ideal for treating redness, dry skin and even eczema. Ideal for massage oil and can be used to reduce stretch marks and relieve cracked nipples.